Privacy policy of Coinroom Bitcoin Exchange

Coinroom Cryptocurrency Exchange - Privacy Policy

Please read the hereinunder document on protection of personal data within the Platform. Details on personal data processing are explained in the Terms of Service.



  • The process of logging into an Account panel is encrypted with 256-bit SSL.

  • To log into an Account a User must enter a Password. It is highly recommended that the Password is changed at least every 30 days, no more seldom than every 90 days.

  • If a User remains inactive for longer than 30 minutes, he/she is automatically logged out (the session has expired).

  • A User can introduce a two-phase authentication. Details are available within a User’s Account.

  • Users should not allow their browser to save their Password.

  • Users should not make use of publicly accessible Wi-Fi Internet connections.

  • Users should refrain from using devices which belong to either third parties or both third parties and a User/Users.

  • An IT company provides Service Provider with services including safeguarding software used within the Platform and server where data is gathered. Service Provider has entered into an agreement entrusting data processing with the IT company.

  • Service Provider notified his data collections to GIODO (General Inspector of Personal Data Protection).

  • Service Provider has implemented protective measures on processing security and risk analysis in compliance with his internal procedures, which are confidential and will not be disclosed.


What do we mean by “cookies”?

Cookie files are transferred to search engines and then stored in the memory of devices and read by the server during each connection to the Platform. The files do not contain any data that would allow any third psarty for discovering Your personal data nor make contact with You, e.g. via email or phone. Storage of the cookie files does not allow us or any third party for having access to your private device.

What kind of cookie files do we process?

Within the Platform we process the following cookie files:

Technical cookies – these files enable proper communication transmission and storage of Your settings if You choose the option in the Platform and/or allow us to prepare simple statistics on the number of the Platform displays/uses.

We make use of the cookie files responsible for the logging session and the choice of language.

Google Analytics Cookies

How can you disable cookie files?

By means of Your search engine (browser) settings You can decide whether cookie files are to be processed or not. If You do not want the cookie files to be processed, You need to disable the processing by choosing an appropriate option in privacy settings of Your search engine (browser).

If you disable the processing of cookie files, it will not affect the way the Website is displayed; however, this may affect the limitations to the development and accessibility of the Services in relation to the Users’ needs.

Technical cookie files cannot be disabled due to security constraints and the Terms of Service.




Notifications are email messages sent to a User and concerning the manner the Platform is used. By default notifications are enabled. You may change settings of Your Account.